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    This rental company is excellent. Convenient, good customer service, reasonable prices and refreshing experience not dealing with the big chains.
    The sushi is pretty good. Just for food alone, I'd give this place 4 stars, but the service and price are pain points. The service was slow and inattentive.
    Service at this branch is outstanding! The branch manager was incredibly helpful and accommodating to my needs. The banker assisting me was also very helpful and courteous.
    Really delicious breakfast, great bed with clean linens, clean white towels in the bathroom, friendly service. However!!! Water initially ran brown until it cleared, no air conditioning, and a lot of street noise!
    Andrew is amazing! Best trainer I've ever had. And the club is clean, spacious, and inspiring.
    Pretty disappointed. They rushed us through the check in process and were impatient and unhelpful when a group of 6 was discussing how to approach the rentals. The staff was fine.

Appy is the perfect free solution for collecting actionable customer feedback. Take action and close the loop with your customers before it's too late.

Main Features.

Feedback makes us Appy! Some of our greatest features originated from our customers. Check them out.

Branded Feedback Pages

Modern & beautiful branded feedback pages to meet your company’s look.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Ask your customers for feedback via personalized emails or text messages.

Easy to Use

We worked hard to make sure Appy is super easy. Give it a try, its free!

Feedback & Task management

Easily keep track of the actions your team takes with regard to the feedback.

Open API

Appy easily integrates with any system using a simple set of web services.


Appy sends customized personal reports when users need them.

Random Sweepstakes

Incentivize your customers by drawing winning feedback automatically.


Appy automatically detects your customer's language.


You determine who gets which feedback, when and how.

Social Network Sharing

Sharing feedback is a snap: you only need to choose what and where.

Promote your Business

Invite your delighted customers to share their opinions on review sites and social networks.


Direct customers, who give feedback, to special offers, to a mobile app, to join your loyalty club etc.

5-star Support

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Set Up Is a Snap!

Takes less then 5 minutes. Start receiving feedback instantly. And it’s free! So why wait?

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Enterprise Services

Feedback makes us Appy. We’re here to make sure your feedback experience is effective, effortless and efficient.

Actionable Feedback

Appy Team will help your managers to take actions and properly repsond to various customer feedbacks.

Data Analytics

Appy Team will help your business learn analyze the feedback in order to maximize its potential.

Custom Reporting

Appy Team will help you set up custom, personalized reports so you will not miss any important trend or development.

Strategy Consulting

20+ years of experience with leading global organizations on feedback and service. We’re committed to helping you maximize your feedback.

Our Clients Love Us

And they do so because we care. We don't call ourselves Appy to Help for nothing.

Dave Hoemann

General Manager, Giordano's

Love Appy! It’s a great system of guest recovery. Never done anything like this where the roll out was so seamless. The beauty of it is the more simple it is the more accessible it is to the public.

Mayda Perez

Senior Vice President, Front of the House

Your one stop shop to get valuable customer feedback. Appy makes FOH very HAPPY!

Richard Groundland

VP Customer Service, Super-Pharm

Through Appy our customers have become an integral and productive part of how we improve our services. With Appy we can both listen to our customers and do something about it in real time. We take the customers suggestions and work on implementing them. We could have never done this without Appy!

Tzvika Shahar

Senior Vice President, Eldan Car Rentals

Thanks to Appy we can instantly convert a negative customer interaction into a positive one. In practice, as soon as the interaction is over, the customer gives feedback which when negative, reaches the branch managers desk instantly. Allowing our managers to reach out to complaining dissatisfied customers in time to rectify the situation and improve the experience. The tool is easy to use and the Appy staff is insightful. effective, quick and exceptionally cooperative.

Appy cuts to the chase!

We don't just say we can do it.
The experience with our customers proves it.

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Unlimited users

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Unlimited feedback

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Multilingual feedback pages

Integration with external systems

Custom personalized reporting

Phenomenal support

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Your customers will rarely tell you face-to-face the opinions they share online.
Appy solves this issue.

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